Produce 48 Episode 6


Produce 48 (프로듀스 48) is an upcoming girl group survival reality show on Mnet.
It is a large-scale project in which the public “produces” a unit girl group by choosing members from a pool
of 96 trainees from Japan and Korea as well as the group’s concept, debut song, and group name.
It is a collaboration between the Produce 101 series and the AKB48 system.
The show is set to premiere on June 15, 2018 and will air every Friday at 23:00 (KST) for 12 episodes.

Produce 48 brings together 96 trainees, 48 girls from Japan’s AKB48 system and 48 girls from different
entertainment companies in South Korea to form the first Korean-Japanese girl group that will promote
for two and a half years. The trainees started filming on April 11, 2018.

Like last season, SM, YG, and JYP opted not to send any trainees to the show. However, Pledis
Entertainment sent After Schoolmember Lee Kaeun to the show, who represents Korea as its “center”.

For the girls’ training, several artists were recruited for the show: F.T. Island’s Lee Hong-gi and
former Sistar member Soyou as vocal trainer, rapper Cheetah for rap training, choreographers
Bae Yoon-jeong and Choi Young-joon together with 1MILLION Dance Studio’s May J Lee as dance trainers.​

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Episode 00

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Episode 1

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Episode 2

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Episode 3

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Episode 4

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Episode 5

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Episode 6

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29 Komentar

  1. What goes around come around. Life is compicated.. You all dont know unless you at thier feet.. Why some of them eventhough after debut have to go for that show again? Let us think… Why there some of them debut and can coneback twice or thrice a year? And somr of them have to wait for 4 or 5 year to make a comeback again? Let us think.. Its means there is no one is perfect.. Once you fail,you have to start from bottom again and again and again.. Same goes to other them.. Once them come to survival show like that.. Its mean they already give their everything to survive to show that they deserve for what they want.. Doesnt you already debut you have other to support you for everything.. I dont thing so… Imagine if one agency have 2000 people then they dont make coneback for 5 or more year.. Whi know them? Until they show up? It also something new fir then tolearn to beteer than becore.. Its nit like you go run and get no. 1 but have you seen that the obstacle they been through when they run.. They might get hurt along that.. Some to the.. Dont look at one side only.. Im understand what thay feel for the survival show.. Its not time for one only.. But for everyone.. For who choosen later it new step for them to improve better then the past.. Its not anyone.. But for everyone.. Anywhere guys.. Im also pray for your luck.. I salute to all of them choose to live their live in that show until now.. Even its not easy as other people think.. Goodluck my girls.. Keep fighting and always fighting until the end..

    • Compicated-complicated; coneback-comeback; somr-some; whi-who; nit-not; fir-for; tolearn to beteer than becore- to learn to become better than before and improve themselves; to live their live- to live their life.

  2. AHN YOO JIN is more suit #1 rather than LEE GA-EUN. But both of them are the best tho. Don’t like Sakura, because of her ambition. So sorry Sakura i’d prefer Matsui Jurina.

  3. Miyawaki Sakura masih yang terbaik.
    Apapun usaha yg ada untuk menjatuhkan dia dengan segala cara namun dia tetap yang terbaik. Baik dari sisi fisik maupun reputasi..

    All PD48 trainees from AKB48 that has been eliminated or left from PD48 should be awared from the beginning that its should be so since the vote rule is not fair for them. That’s the fact.

    No body from their parents, their family, relatives, school mates, agency, friends..etc in Japan who can support and vote for them.
    It is interesting to see how long they will last but it doesnt matter.
    It doesnt change the fact that all of them doesnt have advantages like Ka Yeun, Wong Young, Yu Jin, etc.

    We saw too many hypocritical, cheap drama and lie here especially for “After school” Ga Yeun who already prepared from the beginning.. lucky for her that her parents, siblings, agency and friends can vote for her, not like AKB48 trainees.

    I heard Ka Yeun doesnt want to be centre? wkwkwkwk that is a big lie..
    All of them want to be the winner, not only to gain experiences bla bla bla. Say it if you want to be the 1st..!! say it when you want to be centre..!! Say it if you want to be winner.. Honesty is number one here.
    Better to choose trainees that always speake frankly and honestly without having to pretend behind the scenes..
    Be honest and say what you want.. instead of too many drama, pretend to be kind, etc ..
    When the other trainees must try to get that position and fight hard to get it.
    Ga yeun just need to wait.. she doesnt need any vote actually.
    Because she will get it without any effort.
    All trainers and producers will help her..
    They only need to scream and angry to the other trainees like Sakura, etc
    It happened to Sakura in episode 3-4. So easy to kick trainee anytime with that trick.
    1st trainer said that the current centre is no good and need to be changed.. that is why suddenly they change the centre to Sakura.. without lnowong that its actually a trap and planned..
    Time is not enough for practicing lyrics, rap and dance..
    (Practicing, dancing, singing + Rap in Korean language for such a short time is not easy)
    what happened next??
    2nd trainer said that the current centre is not good.. WTF she doesnt need to be angry with her like that.. i checked with some of my friends in some country, they are very mad with this trainers..
    At the end they got what they want after sabotage that team.
    Now they only need to do this trick again in next episodes. We’ll see.
    I will not surprise if its happened..
    When we saw the 1st avengers team result, someone uploqded avengers video that only focus on Sakura..the result is 2,5 million hit in such a short time..

    Note this : its very very important that
    In the next PD48 / 101 session Mnet must not invite any actress who has already debuted in this 101 or 48 whatever program if they insist to use the current unfair rule.
    Including great actress from Japan like Miyawaki Sakura, if in fact only to hurt their hearts and make her cry. They also hurt the hearts of the Japanese people.
    I call it “Fair Rule” number one !
    No actress who has debuted … at all. Full 100% trainee.. no After school.. no froms 9’s .. no questions !!!

    • Couldn’t agree more,
      the 1st trainer was judging and forcing avengers team to change the center, after they had changing it, suddenly 2nd trainer criticized them and the hell the trainer who was the one who SUGGESTED it only kept silent. she should took the responsibility bcoz she was the one who forced them to do that, so awful… I dislike that trainer suddenly.

    • lmao
      udah tau bohong dan settingan tapi masih ditonton
      situ sehat? wkwkwkw
      udah gausah jatuhin trainee lain deh
      nonton mah nonton aja
      lo mau ngomong sampe berbusa juga gakan didenger MNET kecuali lo anak yg punya MNET wkwkwkw
      sorry nih sebelumnya, gw kesel karna lo jatuh”in trainee lain tanpa tau apa yg sebenernya terjadi sama mereka
      kalaupun emg beneran si gaeun penuh dusta dan lainnya yaudah sih lo jgn nonton produce48
      bohong atau ngga

    • Yahh namanya juga mnet, banyak dramanya, sejak produce 101 yg season pertamapun gitu.. gak jauh bedalah sama season 2 sama 3 ini. Klo aku udah pernah nonton yg sbelum2nya terus nonton yg season 3 ini udah biasa sih. Lepas dari apa yg ditayangin di TV.. kita juga gak tau kan keadaan realnya mereka gimana. Bahkan pelatihan yg diterapin di acara produce ini belum ada apa-apanya jika dibandingin training di agensi mereka sendiri yg katanya sampek si pelatih mukul2 perut trainee klo gak nyampek nada tinggi, urusan berat badan yg hampir tiap bulan ada evaluasinya, belum lagi hukuman2 tambah jam latihan/olahraga bagi yg ngelanggar peraturan atau gak nyampek target latihan. Yahh faktanya ada yg lebih kejam dari acara ini. Bahkan ada trainee yg pernah bilang, intinya, “klo kalian gak lolos acara ini, kalian masih laku di jepang sbgai artis, tapi klo kita yg masih trainee gagal diacara ini kita balik ke agensi sebagai trainee lagi”. Jadi wajarlah klo persaingan sampai segitunya, bahkan mungkin para trainee yg dari korea pernah juga dideskriminasi sama agensinya kek Sakura itu (katamu), cz trainee agensi juga pasti buaaanyak dan mereka disitu juga rebutan, antri buat debut. Yahh sekedar ngasih tau aja sih.. intinya emang pada dasarnya perjalanan buat debut itu gak mudah!

    • well, i kinda agree with that.
      and thats why i love Go eun from RBW since she had dance+singing skill(and prety face too lol).
      sadly, nobody notice that and she ended up placed in 29th TT

  4. Gue ga suka sama peserta jepangnya….masak udah terkenal ikut audisi lagi kan gak adil dia uda terkenal di jepang ma di korea pasti banyak yg nge vote beda sama peserta korea mereka kan blm terkenal blm tampil ditv jadi pasti banyak yg gatau jadi kan mereka gak ada kesempatan buat terkenal di negaranya sendiri…..terus peserta koreanya banyak yg berbakat malah tereliminasi sedangkan peserta jepang gak berbakat gabisa apa apa malah gak tereliminasi….GAK ADIL….peserta korea yg ngerapnya bagus pas tampilin boombayah itu tereliminasi sedangkan chiiba cerry? Namanya lupa peserta jepang pokoknya gabisa ngerap dia malah gak tereliminasi malahan peringkat atas masak gabisa apa2 mau jadi idol dikorea nggak pas banget.

    • Karna mereka engga milih berdasarkan talent doang. just like BYJ said “too good is boring”. Kebanyakan Knets suka trainee jepang karena mereka fast learner dan emng kebanyakan dri mereka punya ekspresi yang lebih bagus pas tampil di stage dripada trainee korea. Well, ku emng fans kedua pihak sih both trainee jepang sama trainee korea. Masing” punya kurang lebihnya.

    • dari episode 4 disebut tuh para anggota AKB48,NGT48 ato HKT48 juga mempertaruhkan segalanya untuk datang ke korea..
      malahan yang ngga adil kenapa votenya hanya berlaku di korea aja?padahl pesertanya dari 2 negara?
      kemarin – kemarin baca di internet kalo trainer jepang di vote oleh orang korea dan trainer korea di vote oleh orang jepang.
      tapi ini hanya berlaku oleh orang korea..orang korea siapa yang ngga kenal after school?makanya tuh Ga Eun jadi peringkat 1

    • karena MNET ingin supaya rating acara ini naek & dpt untung banyak…
      makany mereka menggandeng 48 family…
      percuma menghasilkan talent bagus tp kalo MNET rugi ato cuma untung sedikit…

    • Tapi ada juga beberapa trainee korea yang sudah terkenal atau debut juga ikut produce48. contohnya Lee Kaeun & Jang Gyuri

    • Tapi ada juga trainee dari korea yang udah terkenal atau udah debut tapi juga ikutan produce 48. Contohnya : Lee Kaeun & Jang Gyuri.

    • Karena mereka traine dari jepang berharap dengan ikut pd48 mereka bisa lebih ke up. Di 48 grup mereka bukan siapa-siapa hanya member yang setiap harinya ikut pertunjukan teather, senbastu/masuk single belum pernah kepilih,jaranh kesorot media, sedangkan mereka sudah bbrp tahun di 48 grup contoh salah satu nya Takeuchi Miyu punya suara bagus dan bisa dance tapi tidak pernah ke up di 48grup.
      Kecuali seperti sakura, jurina mereka banyak fans setiap senbastu/single baru selalu masuk.
      Di korea banyak yg tau 48 grup jepang, jadi mungkin mereka lebih vote yg mereka sukai. Setiap traine punya daya tarik tersendiri,ada kekurangan ada kelebihan

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